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We install:

  • Boilers
  • Heat pumps


    Systems for the treatment of warm sanitary water (sanitary water heaters, solar thermal systems)
  • Heating support systems (heat storage devices, solar collectors)
  • Floor heating
  • Miscellaneous central heating components (radiators, bathroom radiators, thermostat heads, gas burners, oil burners)
  • Pipe connections for hot air fireplaces and water-bearing stoves
  • Heating controllers, room thermostats, solar controllers, and motor drives

We can advise you on making an optimal investment in one of the high-end eco-friendly heating technologies that will lower the heating costs and increase the level of living comfort. We can offer you advanced heating solutions from internationally renowned manufacturers.

  • In terms of an initial investment and heating costs, gas heating can be considered the cheapest heating method using conventional energy sources. Since gas pollutes environment much less than fossil fuels do, it is also very environmentally friendly.
  • Heat pumps as an alternative and highly energy-efficient heating source are also one of the best environmentally friendly heating solutions. A heat pump transforms the heat from the environment into energy that is used to heat rooms and water. Heat pumps use the energy from various natural sources. This type of heating is best for buildings with very good thermal insulation.
  • Heating with biomass is a cheaper way to heat buildings or apartments. Wood is the most popular biomass fuel type and is used in various forms. Today, pellet boilers are gaining in popularity as they offer almost the same heating comfort as oil boilers but with significantly cheaper biomass energy product. Wood biomass is an economically priced source of heating and also environmentally friendly in conjunction with modern heating systems.
  • Water heating with solar heating systems or heat pumps. Solar panels use solar energy to heat water in all seasons. A heat pump offers simple and inexpensive heating of your water. You can combine it with all other heating methods.

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